Feb 092017

With a freezing wind blowing across our building site, we concluded all the work on the Steel Framework today. First of all, we dealt with the last remaining leg (Number Four), the heavy duty one that holds up the end of the Steel Box at the garage end. We chumped the bottom of the leg […]

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Feb 072017

After waiting about 45 minutes for the rain to blow over this morning, we started at 10:45 by hauling up the first of the smaller I Beam at the Great Room end of the steel framework structure. Using the tower and our wooden crane leg, we hoisted up the 2480mm long I Beam up and […]

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Feb 062017

This afternoon, we resumed the assembling of the steel framework, by examining the problem of the ends of the two I Beams (Number Two and Four – nearer the garage end) being a little lower than expected, or perhaps the Number Four Leg is slightly too high for when we tried on Saturday to put […]

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Feb 042017

It was a lovely day with virtually no wind out there and very nice sunshine! We continued with our task of getting up our Steel I beams up on top of the legs, this time, it was I Beam’s Four and Five to go on Leg’s Five, Six and Seven. But first, we had to […]

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Feb 022017

We finished off the crane this morning with the insertion of the metal socket plate at the top of the wooden crane leg. Then we attached a long arm at ground level with two feet at each end and diagonal struts from these ends and screwed to the vertical section of the crane. Then, we […]

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Feb 012017

With only half of the work force in the morning and normal strength for the afternoon, we constructed the second wooden Crane leg we will need when we are lifting the long steel I beams. The various metal collars, sockets and the main upright arm were cut, drilled and have pieces welded onto them. Then, […]

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Jan 312017

We continued the work of setting the legs to be in their absolutely correct positions and bolting them down. We are using a special bolts which ‘self tap’ into concrete, see below The ones we are using are 12mm in diameter and 90mm long. We use a masonry SDS drill with a 10mm drill bit […]

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