After our outside work was all done and dusted, the analysis of our timber requirement carried on this afternoon and evening, to add more items to our Shopping List.

Our Procurement Officer (Stephen) worked on the ground floor’s internal walls, rails and the flooring with the following results:

  • 1.8km (just over one mile) of 63mm CLS timber for the structure of the walls
  • 1.2km (three quarters of a mile) of 63mm CLS for the horizontal rails on walls
  • 190m of oak planking for the utility rails
  • 560 m² of 25mm cement boards for the wall linings
  • 1.2km (three quarters of a mile) of 63mm CLS timber to support the flooring
  • 320 m² of 18mm OSB for the flooring itself

This is another 4.2km (over two and a half miles) of timber to add to our Shopping List!

By Shaun

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