Today was spent going into the numbers and double checking the figures and sums for the Outer Wall and then continued with the Roof structure analysis.

The Roof is by far the most complex aspect of this task, with half a dozen different types of material being used in the construction of each Rafter and Beams (whether it is a ridge, hip or valley) plus the amount of glue (several different kinds of those too!).

Here is the latest summary so far:

  • 125 lengths (600metres) of 89mm CLS timber
  • 104 lengths (500metres) of 63mm CLS timber
  • 138 sheets (415 square metres) of 12mm plywood
  • 80+ litres of non-creep structual grade wood glue (sticking plywood onto flanges)
  • 40 sheets (116 square metres) of 35mm thick PU foam insulation panels (fill volume inside rafters)
  • 13 cans (350 litres) of Gun Spray PU foam (filling the small gap inside rafters)
  • 51 tubes of MS Polymer Construction Glue (only for sticking the cement boards onto rafters)

There is another day’s work to finish off the calculations for all the roof members and support blocks and noddings.

By Shaun

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