This morning, we had the confirmation of prices for the rest of the building material for constructing the exterior skin of the house. Nearly everything needed to build the complete ‘shell’ of the building is now ordered…

Below is a summary:

Now we wait for all this to arrive!!

320 sheets (4.5pallets) 12mm x 2440mm x 1220mm plywood £4220
448 lengths (1 pallet) 38mm x 63mm Treated CLS 4.8metres £1784
320 lengths (1 pallet) 38mm x 89mm Treated CLS 4.8metres £1705
70 sheets (1 pallet) RCM CEMBOARD 10mm x 1200mm x 2400mm £1147
20 lengths 47mm x 100mm Sawn Treated Reg 4.8metres £143
2 lengths 47mm x 75mm Sawn Reg 4.8metres £10
35 lengths 47mm x 100mm Sawn Reg 4.8metres £235
15 lengths 47mm x 150mm Sawn Reg 4.8metres £151
20 sheets 120mm x 1200mm x 2400mm Expanded Polystyrene £239
6500 nails 50mm Hot Dipped ring shanked Airgun Nails £55
6500 nails 60mm Hot Dipped ring shanked Airgun Nails £61
25 litres Structural grade Crossed Linking Non-Creep Wood Glue £196
120 tubes MS Polymer Construction All Purpose Glue £210
Total: £10156

By Shaun

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