This morning, we suddenly heard a “beep” “beep” while we were still indoors and discovered that the next delivery load of building material was arriving! Quick! Put on Shoes! Rush Out!

We had the polystyrene foam boards, the 120mm thick ones, all 20 sheets of them come, bundled into 4 packs of 5 sheets with cling film wrapped around the each pack. Then, the driver tried to unload a complete pallet of 12mm structural plywood boards and we said “Stop!” “We wanted only 30 more sheets, not a whole pallet of 75!” “Oops!” said the driver and he put it back on his lorry and drove away back to his yard.

He returned a little while later with just 30 sheets and plonked them down on our large trolley. We then pushed them around to our Wendy house storage where we keep our supply of 18mm thick OSB boards and loaded the 30 sheets in there for now, fully protected from the rain.



The polystyrene foam boards seems to have some sort of additional black beads mixed in with the regular white beads as you can see from the picture. There is something on the web saying that these black carbon beads are there to improve the compression strength of the foam. Very Pretty anyway!!

By Shaun

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