Over the last three days, we have been reviewing the design of the skylight and it’s kerb. The exact detail have not been look at for a few years and needed updating to reflect the actual size of timbers bought. Then an analysis of all the parts that makes up the structure and framework for the skylight was performed.

We have now a list of parts (see list below)we need to generate in our workshop and using those bits and pieces, start building the kerb and framework that will hold up the Skylight window modules.

  • 12 sheets of 18mm OSB boards, cut into 35 metres of 300mm wide strips
  • 20 sheets of 12mm plywood boards, cut into 35 metres of 740mm wide strips
  • 3 lengths of 89mm CLS timber, sliced in half to make 20 metres of 43mm by 38mm timber length
  • 3 lengths of 63mm CLS timber
  • 8 lengths of 63mm CLS timber, cut into 120 vertical posts, each 300mm high.
  • 38mm thick PU foam boards, to fill the gap in the framework.

By Shaun

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