May 212016
Chamber and Tunnel Covered in DPM

And finally, this afternoon, we screwed down the cement board that we mortared down a couple of days ago, and then wrapped everything up in DPM plastic to protect our air supply from getting damp with heavy rain showers and wet ground. The final step is to put in stuttering to form the chimney that […]

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May 192016
Air Tunnel Finished  - Part 2!

This morning, we tied our pulling ropes to the 6 support struts and mortared the cement board down on top of the wooden T supports. We are letting it set and cure before we screw the cement board down and start filling in the whole area with the sandy soil, hardcore rubble and everything else […]

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May 092016
Air Tunnel 'Jigsaw' Pieces Cut!

Today, it was the day of slicing many concrete blocks to create the air tunnel from the Earth Tubes Mixing Chamber to the house! The jigsaw puzzle was very complex with a three dimensional aspect to it, both sloping downwards, curving around and also widening out too!! There was at least 17 cuts made, using […]

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May 072016
Air Tunnel Construction Started!

After we have finished the sewage pipes (the filling in of their trenches), we started with the adjustment to the Earth Tube Mixing Chamber and the Air Supply Tunnel construction. The foundation slab is all set and very nicely done! We managed to get the end segment off the chamber with only having to destroy […]

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May 062016
Air Tunnel Foundation Poured

This morning, we mixed up 3 bags of cement and 18 buckets of ballast and poured the lot into the open area we had all stuttered and ready. This slab will form the base for building the tunnel from the Earth Tube Mixing Chamber to connect to the house, thus bringing in fresh air from […]

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May 052016
Adjusting Earth Tubes Chamber

Today, while we waited for the building control inspector to visit us, we got on with making adjustments to the Earth Tube Mixing Chamber. We had originally constructed it several years ago and since then we had shifted the whole house position 300mm closer to the Loke and also put it 100mm deeper too! This […]

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