Aug 172019

This report is for the last two weeks of work, we had some of the days on other commitments, but we mostly worked on our roof with some in our workshop processing more oak during the wet days. The first task was to put in our Rubber liner into the gutters, in section “A”, “B”, […]

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Apr 102018

Taking advantage of the better weather today, we went to finish off the task of installing a couple of sheets of cement boards to complete the gable triangular section of the wall. Then we tidied away the remaining spare cement sheets and stored them in our sheet material storage tent. We have six sheets left […]

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Apr 062018

This morning, we carried on with the manufacturing and installing of framework pieces to build up the “Dormer” roof section ready for the Conservatory. The two long valley rafters were finished and got installed up on the “P” section of the roof. We had to file away the edge of the cement board so these […]

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Apr 042018

We resumed our work on creating the two diagonal Hip Rafters, putting in the bird mouth and slicing the bevel ends and getting both up and installed. Then we measured the position for the four side rafters (two on each side for the E and G sections), cut in the 32degrees angled bird mouth using […]

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Mar 312018

We carried on with the creation of the basic framework to form the Gable end to extend the wall up over the Side Door and Utility Room window. The first bit was the extension to the E10, E11 and E12 rafters, which we had made yesterday and they got installed this morning, all glued and […]

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Mar 302018

Today we started work on our second porch, the one over the side door situated in our Utility Room. We took our technical drawing, two lengths of our new fatter 95mm by 45mm timber and created several pieces to build up the framework to form the basic roof shape. The horizontal ridge sits on a […]

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