Aug 212017

Yesterday, the new filter separator module was created using 4 layers of 18mm OSB board with a large circle cut out in a increasing diameter at a sloping angle. Then an inlet 50mm hole was drilled at the tangent of these circular chamber so the air would come in and fly around the circle and […]

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Aug 192017

This afternoon, for something different from rafters, the Vacuum System was taken apart, well half of it was at least. The broken first stage filtration unit. The box was reinforced with edge strips and cross bracing supports. The power of the vacuum is such that when the system is going and someone causes a blockage, […]

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Aug 112017

These last two days have seen more work on the new Vacuum System for the workshop. Yesterday saw the electrical wiring, switches and sockets being fitted to the machine module (housing the two motor units). The idea is to have a high current 32Amp lead coming from the utility rail to enter into the box, […]

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Aug 032017

Today, while half the work force is away at a meeting, the vacuum system was continued to be created and assembled. The various holes and boxing were created, the motor units mounted and electrically tested, and each module having rubber draught excluder stuck down around all the edges to seal the various chambers. The two […]

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Aug 022017

While the rain came down, we went back and continued with the construction of our new workshop Vacuum system. We started building up the boxing and chambers it will need for the two separate filters and non-return flappy valves. We now have the filter box made with two attachments to hold the two paper cylinder […]

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Aug 012017

This afternoon, while we waited for the glue to dry on the rafters, we carried on with the construction of a new vacuum system. It is a non-mobile system, using a vortex separator and twin motors to provide the suction power. The first larger chamber has been made using the vortex column and this will […]

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