The various modules, pipes, tubes and tanks are now installed in our Great Hole. It is the long job of putting back all the sand and soil into the Great Hole, making sure each layer is compacted well (we are doing about 200mm (8 inches) at a time). After all the garage has to sit on top of this area so we do not want gradual sinking of our foundations or floor slabs in five years time!!

The only pipework left to do is the connection for the soak away module running back towards the black tubes, on the way a over flow from the rain tank connected to it and finally turning the corner to head left back towards the filteration unit module (not built yet!).

Wednesday 8th September (yesterday) we returned the Kanga Kid earth mover machine. It was costing money every day so on Tuesday we decided to do a large filling operation in the further and least accessible corner of the Great Hole where it would be awkward and very hard work to do it by manual labour, as it would be too dangerous to drive the much too heavy dumper truck over the rain tank without the support of any sand on it to spread the load!! We didn’t finish until nearly 7pm!!

Today we are carrying on with Operation Fill Up which will take another few days or so! Phew!!
a even layer of fill spread and compactednorth side of tank filled to the top

By Shaun

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