We had a delivery of 20tons of recycled asphalt road chippings. We have spread it all over the area where our future drive way will be (in a couple of years time). This will give a much firmer ground and most importantly it will not go muddy and slimy in a rain storm!

We have put on a 1 in 100 slope down towards the bottom of the site and there will be a large open trench full of various stones to allow the rain water to flow into and have somewhere to soak away in its own time.

The garage will have an additional slope away from the doors but we will do that one next week after the floor slab is poured.

The surface compacts down to a very tight and fine granular finish and doesn’t give way even when the next lorry with 4tons of asphalt came! It only depressed the surface by 10mm or so!

We will cut the soak away trench and finish off the resurfacing tomorrow.

By Shaun

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