All the pieces of Fermacell is now up everywhere, all the walls, trimmings around each doorways and windows plus all the corners of the Garden Room as well as extra pieces to terminate all the Utility Rail channel.

Now it is time to fill all the little staple holes, which we have started now, then the joints between sheets along with the gaps left over in the slots where our metal upright bracket were screwed onto the walls, and finally putting enough filler in all the corners, whether it is wall to ceiling or wall to wall etc, a smooth small curve to soften the hard edges. There is quite a lot to do in this segment of work so it will take a few days to complete and rub down to a nice and smooth finish!

We are getting close to the time where the Garden Room can be realised .. .. as a kitchen! That is the short term use of this room to enable us to move out of the little tumbling down old cottage, and during the Summer, we knock it down! Flat!

By Shaun

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