A few coat of varnish was applied to the underside of the shower tray itself and the “roof”. Then today we put on said roof, sealed it on and screwed it down. Then put on the final full gloss varnish on all the inside surface of the cubicle all over!

Oh yes nearly forgot, we drilled several holes for the water pipes and electric cable to enter for the shower module itself and a larger hole to allow the extraction of the air (to keep the temperature at a reasonable level!).

Heat Exchanger

We cut our copper sheet to 640mm by 840mm and with the cut-off piece we practice bending up the sides to make sure we can do it without breaking the copper or making any holes. It turned out to be fairly easy!

Tomorrow it is the mounting of the cubicle’s door! And soldering the 15mm copper pipe to the copper sheet to make the snaking back and forth path for the cold water to take in the “energy” of the waste water!

By Shaun

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