The underlay came today (ungodly hour of 7:10am this morning!) so that was good! We proceeded to cover the floors in all four rooms with this polyurethane 8mm thick foam costing just £1 per square metre, with a manufacturer’s claim of 5 years of life.

The lounge was the most fiddly to do as it had two doorways to accommodate and the carpet (a closed loop pile in a beige colour) had a very stiff backing!

The three bedrooms were much easier by far as they are all regular rectangle shapes and the carpets are old ones and easy to move and slice.

Bedroom 1 had the gold bronze plain colour,

Bedroom 2 had a plain brown and

Bedroom 3 had a red with white flowers!

We are going to hire a carpet cleaner tomorrow to give the old ones a good spring clean!

By Shaun

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