The week’s work of bashing and ripping off the pebble dashed rendering has finished at last!

The ground, the paved footpath, all the way round the Old Place has a pile of sand, cement and little pebbles, about a foot high! This will be scraped up later using the mini digger and deposited into a skip or two. Also there is a large pile of folded flattened soft iron metal mesh! Maybe get some money for the scrap metal value!

All that is left is all the battens decorating the feather edge boarding walls, which will be taken off and burnt. A lot of them are full of nails and some are rotten too!

It is quite interesting to discover what is underneath, as the pictures can show, but also some clues to why the big window (the Lounge) is a different style to all the other windows.

By Shaun

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