Skipping lunch, we put back the batter board, L2, that was moved to allow the mini-digger to dig and pile up all the excess sand soil mixture from the excavation of Energy Module Number 5.

We then verified all the batter boards to make doubly sure that they were all in positions and hadn’t moved. The Left side matches up to the Right side and the diagonal distance between L1 and R4 and L4 and R1 were very similar (within 10 mm) so that was good, very good.

Then the Front and Back were measured and they were holding good too. Only F5/B5 was mysteriously out of alignment and we will make adjustments when we come to construction of the shuttering for the foundations.

Finally, we drew out 4 set of string to form the complete outer limits of the house, and measured all 4 sides and both diagonals, to reveal that the long front and back were 21.300 meters and 21.310 meters (within 10 mm!), and the left and right were 13.860 and 13.870 (only 10 mm different again!), and the two diagonals reported in as 27.300 meters and 27.320 meters so only a 20 mm of a difference (within the side length errors). Not Bad!!



We are happy with that and we will now proceed with the construction of the foundation trenches, ready for just over 12 cubic meters of ready mixed concrete.

P.S. You can see the strings if you zoom right in on the picture ….

By Shaun

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