Today, with only having one bloke on duty and the other one away at external meetings, the analysis of the design of the house and tallying up all the required timber pieces and cement boards plus plywood sheets carries on.

The outer wall needs over  a mile of timber plus a load of cement boards and a heap of OSB webbing pieces (about 18 full sheets)

  • 165 X 89mm CLS Timber (standard 4.8metres lengths)
  • 211 X 63mm CLS timber pieces
  • 17 x treated 100mm by 50mm Timber
  • 24 x treated 63mm CLS timber pieces
  • 65 sheets 10 mm thick by 2400 mm by 1200 mm Cement boards
  • 15 sheets 11 mm thick by 2440 mm by 1220 mm OSB boards


and this is just for the outer wall – grin!

By Shaun

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