We had a long day of adjusting and setting the exact height of the wooden Inside Footplate for our External Wall. We decided that we would plane and trim the pieces of Footplate to accommodate the rise and fall of our concrete floor.

This morning, we hauled out our planer machine outside in the lovely sunshine and passed through it several lengths of our timber we had already put into place yesterday. Some of the pieces were planed down by only 5mm, but some of them were reduced by 10mm and one piece was reduced by 15mm! We generated 4 bags of shavings!

Then after lunch, we mixed up two loads of mortar and went around putting underneath the footplate the mortar and using our laser level gadget, to set the height  so that all the timber pieces are set exactly the same.



The two loads of mortar almost allowed us to complete the full circle of fixing the footplate into place, we have only 15 metres to go to finish the job.

The next job is to put a second layer on the concrete wall, this time a 89mm wide CLS planks, and then the third  layer would have slots cut into it (this also includes the inner footplate as well) and then this layer will be fixed down in exact positions so that the slots would receive the vertical wall post in a controlled manner without us having to keep measure where the next one will need to go.

By Shaun

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