Today, after our lost day caused by the wet weather yesterday, we resumed our work of putting in the two vertical posts that forms part of the Window frame. We continued on around the building doing each window in turn, putting in spacers to align each post to be as straight and vertical as possible.

Then just before lunch, we went around measuring all 12 windows and recorded the width at the bottom and at the top. We wanted to know what was the smallest  width and whether we had managed to get the framework vertical too.

The results are:

  • The smallest width is 1709 mm
  • The largest width is 1718 mm
  • Some windows are not as vertical as we wanted

So after lunch, we designed and made a template frame that represents the exact width and height of a window. This template was made using 100mm wide strips of the 11mm plywood sheet, all screwed together with diagonal bracing and horizontal ones too, to make a very square and rigid template that is exactly 1708 mm wide between the two parallel vertical edges.



We will use this template, which is now our master reference for our 6 foot windows, to go around each of the 6 foot windows and adjust them so the vertical posts are truly correct and also exactly the same width. This operation is the Real Thing this time around, meaning that we now applied the construction glue to the cement board and the timber to set it in place permanently. We managed to do three windows (Bedroom 3, Bedroom 2 and Bedroom 1) before we stopped for the day and weekend.

On Monday, we will continue around the Great Room, then the Kitchen and the final 6 foot window on the Entertainment Room. Then we will do the 4 foot windows (2 of them) and finally the single 2 foot window.

By Shaun

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