Jul 282022

We discovered a very disturbing problem with one of our Energy Module when we were connecting our newly laid 22mm water pipe running from the Utility Room, to Tank Number Four that lies under the Kitchen and Bedroom One. We noticed that the water level was very low and after measuring it, there was only […]

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Jul 262016
Module Number 4 Repairs All Done!

 Today, we finished off the re-assembly of the Energy Module number 4, with the placement of the thick insulation boards around the outside of the module and then the lid on top. We did have to shift it slightly to make room for these side insulation boards but apart from that, everything went back in […]

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Jul 252016
Day 2 of Module Number 2 Repair

 We carried on with the repair work on Energy Module number 4, the module living underneath the entertainment room. We pulled out, on one side, the vertical insulation foam boards and then pulled out the bottom 4 layers, all 480mm thickness! We could now look under the remaining insulation blocks around the edges and we […]

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Jul 232016
Repair of Module Number 4

 We switched over from doing the foundation trenches and its shuttering boards, over to repair the Energy Module number 4 that had risen. We thought we might need the use of the mini-digger during the chore of getting the module back into proper alignment and depth again. So we started by removing the dirt off […]

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Jul 182016

 We started the repair process on Energy Module number 4 (the entertainment room – also the smallest module) by emptying the water out and putting it into our other modules. We had well over 2000 litres to drain. We used a powerful water pump with a filter to suck out and move the water using ordinary […]

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Jul 052016
All 5 Modules Now In Place!

 At Long Last, we have finished all 5 energy modules, all buried in the ground and all full of water. The only signs of their presence is the red white hazard tapes marking out the locations and thin pipes sticking out of the ground. It has been a long haul, which included the repair of […]

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