Sep 292011
Heat Exchange module Trials and Conclusions

The water test was performed on the heat exchanger module outside using the garden hose! The “maze” slowed down the water that it took well over a minute (nearer two) for the water to travel from start to finish! It did build up inside the channels but didn’t reach the top and overflow! The waste […]

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Sep 272011
Heat Exchanger Stage 2

Yesterday and today were spent on trying to get the copper pipes soldered to the copper sheet. But it was proving to be quite difficult with several factors playing against success! Like for example the flux was drying up during the heating up process and leaving “dirt” to stop the solder sticking to the copper. […]

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Sep 252011
Heat Exchanger for Shower

Today we cut the copper pipes (474mm long), 17 of them, along with 18little (24mm) pieces, each to connect the two right angle bends (36 of them!). The whole thing forming a ladder like structure. This structure will be placed in close contact with the copper sheet. The pipes are now soldered together but when […]

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Aug 312010
Heat Pump Pipes Day 4

Day 3 – Tuesday 31st August Finished laying the pipes in the trench. Now we have to cover them in fill (sand/soil) to the level of the bottom of the rainwater tank & soak-away. The boards down the length allows us to drive the Kanga Kid around collecting and dumping fill. We dumped fill over […]

Aug 122010

We have finally settled on a design of connecting up all the earth tubes and getting the air in and out of them! We have 12 tubes all together, each one being 150mm (6inches) diameter internal) in order to provide time for the air to exchange its thermal energies with the surrounding thermal mass! The […]

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Nov 122009
Solar Survey

Performed a solar survey today. This is a check on the site of your solar panels to see what may obscure the sun at different times of the year. To do this I produced a 300mm circle divided in 10° segments and put this on top of a tall stepladder so than when I stood […]