Jan 202018

As a companion to the report Winter Cold Virus Hits the Workforce!, this blog describes the last two weeks of our building work. so with the background noises of coughing, sniffing, sneezing and talking with croaky voices, we have been analysing the design of our Glazing Framework for the Skylight. We are thinking of reducing […]

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Mar 032014

We went into Great Yarmouth this afternoon and handed over the package of our construction plans and structural calculations to our new Building Control inspector Kenny Brown. The package contained 27 pages of A3 drawings, 20 pages of a summary and overview of the project and 150+ pages of calculations! Now we can start work […]

Aug 122010

We have finally settled on a design of connecting up all the earth tubes and getting the air in and out of them! We have 12 tubes all together, each one being 150mm (6inches) diameter internal) in order to provide time for the air to exchange its thermal energies with the surrounding thermal mass! The […]

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Apr 162010

Paul Burrell of The Burrell Partnership in Norwich visted us today to discuss what we needed from a structural engineer. We had a fruitfull time and aggreed to retain Paul’s firm as our engineers. We agreed a fixed fee of £1000 for the job. We will now send them the plans for the garage so […]

Mar 072010
Groundworks design

I have been busy for a while sorting out all the below ground design for the house. This is now basically complete and just waiting for the structural engineer and Build control approval.