Aug 172016

 We finished off the tidying up task by removing the last lengths of shuttering and putting all the loose pieces back under cover in our Timber Storage. The used pegs (which are no longer usable) and broken boards we took to the bonfire corner up on Mount Sod ready for a day of wet showers to have […]

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Aug 162016

 Today, we started going around removing the shuttering boards and planks from the foundation strips. We also picked up the lumps of concrete that spilled over the edges and started the general process of tidying up after the great day of 14 cubic metres of concrete being poured and splashing around our trenches! We got a […]

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Aug 132016
Preparations for Concrete Finished

 We finished the preparation tasks, in readiness for the ready mixed concrete coming Monday. We went around all the trenches and making sure we can work alongside every stretch of it with our new patting and scraping tools. Plus we sliced off the excess “sticking up” bits of the pegs that are holding the shuttering […]

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Aug 122016
Preparations Continues..

 Today, we put together a series of tools for scraping and patting down the liquid concrete in the trenches. We have a range of different height of shuttering so each one needed a different tool made. Also we discovered that the bottoms of the trenches seems to have “sunken” downwards since we had scraped and […]

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Aug 082016

The building inspector has to check on the construction at certain critical stages and poring foundations is one of them… So today he came and had a look at our finished foundation trenches, asked some questions and gave us the nod of approval!

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Aug 062016
Reinforcing Steel Mesh and Bars in Place!

 The last stage of preparing the foundations have been completed. There are two places that need reinforcement, the entertainment room (beacause of the heavy walls and roof) and around the tunnel allowing the air from the earth tubes into the house. We chopped up some steel weld mesh we had already, this has 6mm rods at 200mm grid […]

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