The weather is much nicer for our last two days of working and building our Mass Wall Foundation!

Day 5 – Thursday 29th July

The next two segments between the posts were done today. We didn’t start until the afternoon and getting the formwork in place, took a bit of fiddling. We created a collection of wooden wedges to help jam in the formwork against the heavy weight of the concrete (we discovered that the top edge especially was suffering) and the wedges did help even though we had to put in a flat board behind the wedges as well to stop them digging into the soil! So we didn’t finished the concrete production until 7:30pm!

Day 6 – Friday 30th July

The final day is here! At last! well only for our mass wall! We extended the formwork by joining together the other two straight pieces. It is now 3.6metres long (12feet) as the last segment we decided to do in one go! We reinforced the top edge to stop it from bulging out with the weight (over one and a half tons) of concrete! The wedges are working very nicely indeed now especially if we use a flat board to spread the load on the soft soil.

Well That’s That! PHEW!

By Shaun

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