The last week has been a long process of moving and sorting all the bits and pieces stored in the old workshop and moving it all into the garage. We have tidied up the old workshop, pulled up shelves and generally cleared the areas ready for the next stage of work. The Garden Room at the back of the Garage is now clear and also ready.

We have built and painted the Utility Rail modules, routed cut-outs ready for electrical sockets and other types of equipment that might live in the Utility Rail (for example speakers, compressed air connections etc).

The final insulation of glass wool is up in the ceiling in the Garden Room and we are working on the Fermacell boards to see if we can improve the finishing quality without the need for so much filling and sanding. We will try tongue and groove joints as a way to align the surfaces. All this is to avoid the need for an outside professional assistance in the form of a plasterer on standard plasterboards. We would like to feel that we can achieve a good quality finish on our own but we recognise our limits and the limits of the materials we are working with, and therefore would consider outside skilled help.

By Shaun

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