Today the Garden Room had three pieces of network cable threaded around in the Utility Rail, ready for activation when the ADSL router in moved (from the old house) and installed into the garage on the Tech Shelf! One network cable runs around to the Shower Cubicle to measure the performance of the heat exchanger. The second cable is a short one to the Air Con unit and finally a very long one that goes all the way to the far end of the temporary living quarters to the main hub and servers.

The network cables has to be mounted on shoulder hooks to ensure a good separation from all the mains voltage cables, both inside the Utility Rails. The network cable hangs from hook to hook, with a cable tie on an occasional one to keep the cable nice and taut!

The shoulder hooks seems to work quite well but we would like a more definite solid channel so when we are threading a new network cable or other low voltage cables through the Utility Rail in a room, it would be nice to push the guide rods along a solid “lane”. We are thinking of using a L shaped plastic extrusion where it can divide up the conduit into a upper lane for low voltage cables and mains voltage ones all dumped in the bottom!

By Shaun

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