The sink seems to be sealed! We ran water into the sink and nothing leaked!! The waste disposal unit operated just fine too! Phew! Thanks goodness for that! We switched on the immersion heater during lunch time and we returned back to a half a tank of hot water! The basin in the toilet delivers the hot water after about 30 seconds of waiting (it is a long run and the head of pressure is low. The kitchen sink came through ok too after about 20seconds (of course it is a shorter run).

We put the shelf in under the sink and put a self in the section between the washing machine and the tumble dryer.

We also sealed off the final part of the air ducting above the air con unit to direct the old waste air up and out of the building. Then we put up a door to cover up the hot water tank cupboard using a piece of 9mm hardwood ply (measuring 560mm wide and 2270mm high) with a slot cut into the edge to allow the lighting channel’s flange to be accommodated.

Tomorrow we will be doing a smaller cover to hide the electronic controls and junction boxes, plus another cover over the air con section. We also will put up open shelves along the back wall above the new worktop ready for all the “stuff” of our kitchen! With just a splash of white paint on the bare wood surfaces to finish off then the kitchen would be ready for occupying!

By Shaun

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