We calculated what shelves we needed in the Garden Room to provide storage space while the room is being used as the kitchen. It turns out to be two 300mm (1foot) deep shelves approximately 4.1metres (14feet) long along the back wall above the sink and worktop, two 300mm (1foot) shelves 1.78metres (just under 6feet) long in the gap, above the worktop, to the right of the cooking area and a further three 400mm deep (1 and third feet) 1.6metres (just over 5feet) left of the chest freezer, below the Utility Rail and back to the doorway. Plus Three 300mm (1foot) shelves 2.8metres (9feet) above the Utility Rail over the chest freezer and going back to the doorway too.

Finally a set of six shelves both below and above the Utility Rail positioned left of the doorway, these are only 200mm (8inches) deep.

Oh yes another se set of four 200mm deep shelves below the Utility Rail over by the hot tank cupboard in the gap before the sink worktop!

We have sliced up 4 sheets of 18mm OSB boards! Next to rout the edges and corners to make them safer etc!

By Shaun

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