Today, we took all our sawn up lengths of the 89mm CLS timber, and marked them up to make sure we had the correct end as the top of the Post. Every corner is unique so we had to be very careful to get each post with their “wings” on the correct way around.

It was a fiddly job but it had to be done.

After lunch, we then glued all the little triangular cut off pieces onto the Wings so it filled and extended the surface where these Wings will connect onto the central 89mm CLS element. It was a long operation of running the glue down the exposed surfaces and nailing it together to form one solid, approximately triangular shaped element.

We had worked out how to slice off the 11mm section at the top of these Wings which will allow the plywood webbing from the Rafters to slide pass and be glued and nailed onto the top of these Posts later on.



Next week, we will carry on with the creation of these corner posts by combining the new Wings we made today and glue and nail to a clean 89mm CLS length of timber to provide the completed solid Posts that sort of looks like an arrow but not really – Grin!

By Shaun

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