Oct 242016
Overhanging Roof Panel and Felt Repair

 Today, we tackled a bigger problem with the overhanging roof section along the front of the temporary living quarters, especially over our front door! The wooden sheets that makes up the roofing structure has disintegrated in two particular sections. One larger one over the aforementioned front door overhang, and a much smaller section half way […]

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Oct 232016
Roofing Felt Repair

This afternoon, we went along the temporary living building and repaired the section of roof adjoining the top of the wall, at the back nearest the fence. It is the side that faces the afternoon sun all year around and so the roofing felt has got thin and fragile. We had made minor patches to […]

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Sep 222016
Day 3 of Installing the Underground Temperature Probes in and around the Energy Modules

 We finished off the task of installing all the temperature probes’ conduits, around the two biggest Energy Modules, namely the one stretching across from the Kitchen, through the Hall and into Bedroom 1 and the other module stretching the full length of the Great Room. We installed a further 21 conduits today, plus the other […]

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Sep 202016

 This afternoon, after we have finished the task of leveling  the ground, we started installing more conduits for our temperature probes that will measure the performance of our Energy Modules and how the ground around them is changing over the course of the seasons and the year and beyond. We are using a DIY vacuum cleaner […]

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