The electricity to the house will come from Solar PV panels in the rooflight and 240V AC from the grid.
The house will have both a 240V AC distribution as well as a high power 48V DC distribution system.

240V AC system

The 240V system will power these systems :-

Tech Cupboard Panel

Kitchen sockets RCD ring Shared RCD
Hob RCD radial Shared RCD
Ovens RCD radial Shared RCD
Great room Sockets RCBO radial
Conservatory Sockets RCBO radial
Bed 1 Sockets RCBO radial
Bed 2 Sockets RCBO radial
Bed 3 Sockets RCBO radial
Entertainment Sockets RCBO radial
Tech cupboard 1 Non RCD radial Computers & backup DC
Tech cupboard 2 Non RCD radial Primary DC PSUs
Work 1 Sockets RCBO radial
Work 2 Sockets RCBO radial
Work 3 Sockets RCBO radial
Work 3 Special Sockets Non RCD radial For Experiments

Tech Panel also has a Surge Protection Device fitted.

Utility Panel (Non RCD Protection)

Immersion Heater
Heat Pump
Water Transfer Pump
Cold Water Pump
Hot Water Pump
Utility Sockets (RCBO)
Stair lift

48V DC System

The DC system has these sources

  1. Two 240V AC Power supplies each supplying up to 2Kw
  2. Solar voltaic panels >1Kw
  3. Large Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery bank >10Kwh

The power is distributed with large Aluminium bus bars running through the hall floor space with copper cable taps to each room.

The DC system mainly powers the LED lighting throughout the house.