Solar Thermal

Thermal Solar Panels

solarcollectorWe will install 5 x 20 Vacuum Tube collectors on the flat roof of the Garage. The flat roof allows us to orientate the tubes due south for maximum efficiency. There is a net collector are of 10.4m2 and we should collect something in excess of  22GJ (6100 kWhr) in a year.



Solar Survey

Sun Heights above Horizon for the Year
The panorma around Roselea.
Panorama and Sun chart.

Result of the Solar survey on 12th November.
The thick red line is the skyline around the site, blue lines are sun tracks during the year (Jan»Jun is identical). The chart shows that we will have few problems with shadows. The collectors only work when the sun is between approx 100° and 250° so there are no shadows on them except in 1st and last hour in Winter.