Jan 112021

Today saw the arrival of our new toilet and wall frame!

New Wall Hanging Toilet and Frame Arrives for Evaluation


We wanted to see and learn all the construction requirements for these wall-hanging toilets designs, like how the cistern and the metal support framework needs to be incorporated into our wooden walls.
The Toilet is a rimless design around the bowl but this is a bit misleading, there is still a wide rim (see photo) for the seat to rest upon
But what they really mean, is the water flushes out and around the top edge of the bowl in a slight groove and then falls into the bowl. You can see the water flow along and that is what they mean by rimless. It is a new fashion and the plus points are that it is much easier to wash the bowl clean and one can see this immediately.
But on the other hand, it does mean that the power of the flush has to be controlled to avoid the water simply shooting over the edge if it is travelling too fast. There is a controlling valve inside the cistern to regulate this flow rate and yet another piece of equipment that may go wrong over the years.
New Wall Hanging Toilet and Frame Arrives for Evaluation


New Wall Hanging Toilet and Frame Arrives for Evaluation


The toilet bolts onto the Frame which is fixed in the wall and covered with the wall boards.
We will evaluate this design, by building our cloakroom straight away, plumb the toilet into the sewage system and supply water to the cistern and learn how it all works.

We will start on this task mid to late January when Shaun has recovered.

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Dec 202020

We are having our usual Christmas and New Year holiday break again this year but also taking time off for one of our work crew to recover from an minor health issue, a long-awaited hernia operation that was delayed because of the Covid saga. This means that much of January will be gone before we can resume the heavy work of building the internal framework of the rooms on the Ground Floor.
We will have to order more timber soon as we have already used, probably about 50% of our supply of 63mm CLS planks. But there is a world wide shortage of timber and that is pushing up the prices quite sharply and it is likely that we will see 20% price hikes in the new year. O Boy!
But that’s life!
So wishing everyone a good break yourselves and have a Merry Christmas!

P.S. Stephen thought he had posted this before Christmas!

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Dec 172020

For our last week of work for 2020 (and also before a long break because of Christmas and a minor medical issue), we went around the last twelve Pillars across all the ground floor rooms, creating sturdy accurate corner and T-junction reference pillars, all vertical and straight. We made sure that the metal legs (holding […]

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Nov 272020

Our remaining timber arrived Thursday yesterday late afternoon. There were 348 planks in this second delivery, adding with our previous one of 99, we now have 447 planks of 63mm by 38mm CLS untreated soft wood, each measuring 4.8metres long. We spent the last hour of Thursday and several hours on Friday morning, moving the […]

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Nov 202020

We had our delivery of fresh timber arrive today, this morning, but it turned out to be only fraction of what we ordered. There was some confusion back in the builders merchant yard and we only got 99 planks. We were expecting 448 planks, which supposed to be a complete pallet load. We are chasing […]

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