Sep 222018

Today (and a bit from yesterday), we resumed the assembly of our Skylight framework, working along the front, then along the back side, both towards the right hand end and finally finishing off the whole framework with the five way coming together of rafters. All was successfully glued and screwed into place.

Skylight Framework Fully Assembled and Installed on Roof


Skylight Framework Fully Assembled and Installed on Roof


Now we have started on the next phase of putting on the rubber membrane and gaskets all over the white surfaces, with the completion of a “skirt” strip around the whole outer edge. This skirt is 100mm wide and it was glued and stapled right on the outside top edge of the frame, just below the slot and it falls down on the outside towards the kerb. Eventually, the breathable roofing membrane will come up the roof slope and tuck under this rubber skirt to seal the skylight to the roof, it also provide protection against the rays from the Sun for the membrane and ensures that it will last for years to come.
Skylight Framework Fully Assembled and Installed on Roof


Skylight Framework Fully Assembled and Installed on Roof


Finally, we brought into our workshop all the aluminium glazing bars and other bits and pieces, ready to cut them into their assigned lengths. We chopped some sample pieces so we can get a handle on how they feel and how they fit together.
On Monday, we will start on the Ridge and sort out the stainless steel bolts (three of them), slice up the glazing bars and start stapling on the rubber gaskets.

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Sep 202018

Today, this afternoon, we resumed the job of assembling the bits and pieces to build our Skylight module. We went around the left end of the skylight and along the front, doing another seven rafters, two diagonal rafters and three sections of the rims.

Half of Skylight is Assembled


Half of Skylight is Assembled


Everything got the same treatment as yesterday, all glued and screwed and all holes were filled and sealed against water.

Tomorrow, we will carry on along the front and around the right end and proceed along the back side to complete the whole thing. Also our polycarbonate glazing sheets are expected to arrive tomorrow – Good Stuff!

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Sep 192018

Yesterday we started on the task of installing and assembling our Skylight framework for real, right on top of our roof – at last! The first job was to finish off putting on the wooden platform on the second scaffolding tower and get that ready for action. Then, using strips of foam, tied down with […]

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Sep 152018

Yesterday and today, we got down to the task of preparing our Skylight framework and all its individual pieces, to get them ready to be installed up on the top of the roof. The first job was to clean the bottom surface of all the items, to remove all the dribbles etc. and produce a […]

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Sep 132018

Yesterday and today, we continued with the task of coating the white top coat of the polyester resin on the wooden framework of the Skylight. We finally finished it today mid-afternoon. Tomorrow, we will check all the surfaces for any defects, rub down any spiky bits and sand clean the bottom edge (this never had […]

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Sep 112018

Today, we rubbed down the second layer on all the pieces to get rid of a small number of drips and dribbles, plus also doing this coat of transparent base layer, revealed more knot hole problems so we dealt with them (by chiselling deeper into the knots themselves and then filling them with our 2-part […]

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Sep 082018

Yesterday, we started the process of painting the framework of the Skylight. We first removed all the tarpaulins we had covering things against any possible rain showers, and then unscrewed and dismantled the whole thing. All 33 rafters came into the workshop and the longer ridge beams and rim parts were left outside in the […]

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