Dec 072019

After our conclusion of the slates on the roof (the front porch section) on Monday, we finished dismantling of all the remaining platform modules apart from two full height modules that we managed to move inside the house and a further three modules were cut down to provide a new lower working platforms.



We then repaired and completely replaced the covering over the swimming lane storage area. The old tarpaulin that has fallen apart due to long exposure under the power of the sun. We also removed all the old wet hardboard material and chucked them up to our fire pile. Using the old plywood sheets that were the walking surface of the platform modules, we used eight of them to recover the swimming lane, also using a series of the narrow strips to fill in the gap at the front of the roof too. Finally, we recycled two very large tarpaulin off-pieces which was 14metres long by 3metres wide and draped it over the new roof surface, having it folded over to form a double layer. Everything was tied down with pieces of oak strips (from our burn pile) and stapled into place.

Performed Site Tidy-up and Maintenance plus Preparation and Spraying Black Paint Under the Eves


Performed Site Tidy-up and Maintenance plus Preparation and Spraying Black Paint Under the Eves


The rest of the week was spent on preparing the eves, removing sticking through nails and removing the last of excess brown rubber glue material around the back of the fascia and sanding it down smooth. Then we got out our new paint sprayer we bought in the Summer, set it up, with water ready to practice spraying only to discover that it didn’t work. There was no suction into the inlet tube. This is the second time this fault occurred as it happened when be bought it but we exchanged it for a new one, which we tested it with water back then. So we contacted the retailer and they said, take it back to the shop and get your full refund. I am glad that we found the receipt because the till insisted that the product only costs £70 but our receipt says £180! The store manager had to override the till so we got all our money back!
We then found another model which was nearly double the price and went to buy that one instead. We tested that and after a little false start, we got it working with emulsion paint.
By this time, the day was over and the following day was wet so we didn’t get to spray the under side of the eves until Saturday.
The black acrylic paint we are using is very very thick and dense, even after diluting it by 30% as instructed on the tin, the paint still wouldn’t spray through the nozzle. So we had to dilute it by a further 10% before it got going. The diluted paint was still very thick like thick custard so this acrylic paint is amazingly heavy for external surfaces (it’s made for barns etc).
The other piece of equipment we made was a protective shield to stop any splatter reaching the guttering. We just wanted to spray behind the fascia and up the roof board and the rafters coming out from the walls.
This shield was put on legs so we could prop it up against the fascia edge, but also we mounted 5 little LED flood lamps to help brighten up inside the eves.
We started around next to the conservatory at the front of the house and worked our way along the front.
But after a short while, the initial litre of paint we put into the hopper was gone and we had only done a few metres. We did realise that by spraying the paint, it uses it up more quickly, giving the surface a thicker finish, but not that quickly! So we diluted the paint by another 10% and got on with the task, hoping that we will get a fair way around the whole 75 metres of eves!
And .. we actually got back to the beginning but only just! We do need to buy more paint anyway because the two porches with their under surfaces disappearing high up to a point and we need to get up on a platform module to give us the reach and finish off the last bit. It also looks like some of the rafters need a second coat.

Performed Site Tidy-up and Maintenance plus Preparation and Spraying Black Paint Under the Eves


Performed Site Tidy-up and Maintenance plus Preparation and Spraying Black Paint Under the Eves


We will get that done next week and then we will start on the task of putting up the wall cladding.

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Dec 022019

On this very chilly Monday morning, and a bit of the afternoon too, we finished off putting slates on the last section of roof, the “C” section which is our front porch roof facing our Loke. Another 100 slates went up, followed by about 80 slates for the flashing up the two hips.

Roof Section C Complete


This concludes the task of putting the roof on. We had a quick count of the remaining slates we got left which turns out to be about 3000 slates and 70 wide slates.

Roof Section C Complete


Roof Section C Complete


We received 18360 slates last October so that means we have put up over 15000 slates, including 640 wide slates, stretched over an area of 360 square metres.

We generated a full ton bag of waste pieces

Roof Section C Complete


So that needs to be processed somewhere and somehow. We may phone around to see if anyone wants bits of slates for garden paths or something.

This means that the whole roof is now complete at the beginning of December 2019. We started the job of constructing the roof way back in July 2017! with putting up the kerb and rafter support blocks. Then getting on with the job of creating each and every single rafter.
It is by far the most complicated part of the building project we had to do and hopefully, the rest of the build will be just a tad bit easier!! (and quicker!!!!)

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Nov 212019

We start the week with the left-over task of moving the Larch Timber inside our house to get it under cover. It was two and a half tons of wood to shift!! See Larch Timber Arrives. But over the next couple of half day sessions, two afternoons (Monday and Tuesday) and one morning (Thursday) we […]

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Nov 162019

We resumed work on our roof, continuing with the task of putting up the flashing slates up the “F” Porch roof section and then started doing the “G” little section on the side of the porch section. This narrow strip is very very fiddly, having to work on both the valley and the hip and […]

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Oct 262019

Monday was a wet day so we did other tasks inside the temporary quarters finishing off repair work caused by the Flood. Tuesday was a nice lovely day so we got outside and finished mounting the oak pieces to build the gutters, for the last three sections of the roof, joining back to the very […]

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