Jan 042018

We finalised and double checked our Oak Timber quantity and got a final quote from the timber merchant today. The major difficulty we have is that the large quantity of the Oak timber, amassing to 6 cubic metres or about 5 tons of timber, needed some means of being off-loaded from the delivery truck and […]

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Dec 212017

We finished off installing the rest of the “H” rafters outside, on quite a balmy day, on the shortest daylight day of the year! Tomorrow, we will try and get some of the “P” rafters up before we have to stop for Christmas. We will see how things go and whether we will do some […]

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Dec 192017

Today, after a fairly long delay where we were recovering from an injury but also doing the Oak timber Survey and Ordering, we resumed our task of creating more rafters for the roof. This time, it was the turn of the “P” section over the Great Room. We chopped up the collection of CLS timber […]

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Dec 072017

Today, we entered into the joyous task of assembling the 13 rafters that will see the completion of the “H” section of the roof (the right hand side of the house over the Utility Room, Back door and Bedroom 3). The first run was to put together the four smallest rafters and then a further […]

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