Dec 172020

For our last week of work for 2020 (and also before a long break because of Christmas and a minor medical issue), we went around the last twelve Pillars across all the ground floor rooms, creating sturdy accurate corner and T-junction reference pillars, all vertical and straight. We made sure that the metal legs (holding […]

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Oct 062020

Today, for our Entertainment Room, we calculated the number of concrete blocks and concrete floor beams needed to build a sound reducing barrier around the walls and ceiling. There are twelve rows of standard dense concrete blocks, a lintel for going over the doorway and eleven 4 metre long concrete beams, the smallest one available […]

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Aug 202011
Utility Trench Finished!

We have completed the task of laying down the three remaining utility supplies; Water, Telephone and Electric. Today we connected our new water supply pipe to the existing pipeline coming out of the meter. It was a mixture of plastic “new” pipes and iron “old” pipe (running off towards the old little cottage). We didn’t […]

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Aug 192011
Utility Trench -- The last stretch is Cut!

The last segment of a trench, the utility trench, is finally dug! All the way to the water meter, alongside the Loke, passing the mains electric cable (a rusty iron clad cables) and the point where the telephone will join into our land. The trench is 400mm wide and on average 1000mm deep and about […]

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