Processor and leech field
Processor and leech field

We will have to process our own sewage as we are 2.4m below and over 100m from the main sewer so using it would cost many thousands of pounds to connect.

To process the sewage we will use a package treatment plant, in our case a conder ASP-6 unit. The unit will handle to output from upto 6 people.

The collection is a simple set of pipes combining just by the plant. A vent pipe is fitted before the tank. The cleaned output is sent to a leech field with another vertical pipe to allow sampling of the effluent.

The leech field comprises of 30m of trenches laid in a 3 x3 diamond grid with 2m between trenches. Each trench will be a total of 2.3m deep with geo-textile lining all round. The base of trench will be 700mm of clean sand followed by 300mm of shingle. The drain pipe which has holes in it, is placed on this and covered in more shingle. The geo-textile is wrapped over the top and the trench filled with soil.

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