May 022018

Today, we finished off planing the fifteen planks that were glued overnight to get rid of the glue colouring and any slight imperfections. Then we converted the planer machine into the thicknessing mode, connected up the vacuum chipping remover cover and started planing all forty planks for the first time, slicing them down to 38mm […]

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May 012018

This morning, we finished gluing the last fifteen sets of Oak timber, only using 5 set of clamps (as our new ones haven’t arrived yet). We had to wait for the 30 minutes for the PU glue to reach first hardening stage but it wasn’t too bad as we were able to keep a cycle […]

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Apr 302018

This afternoon, after lunch, we finished off planing the various pieces of the Oak Timber so they are ready for the job of gluing them together to form wide enough Fascia strips (needs to be greater than 150mm wide). Then using our biscuit jointer tool to help align the pieces, we proceeded to glue and […]

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Apr 282018

These last few days have been somewhat disrupted with various external meetings and other commitments and the work on sorting out, planing and processing the Oak Timber have been patchy. So far, after today’s full day, we have selected¬† 32 narrow pieces and sawn them to 95 mm wide, then selected 11 pieces just over […]

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Apr 242018

Today, the all the timber pieces were sorted, measured and recorded in a new spreadsheet. We now have a realistic list of timber pieces with known minimum widths and we can now more accurately sort and set aside the planks we will need for other part of the house construction. The saw bench is now […]

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Apr 232018

This afternoon, the task of passing our Oak Timber through our Planer Machine to produce one straight flat edge continues. The remaining pieces (about 20 lengths) were completed. Then the next task is to slice each plank to a set of required widths. But before we can do that, we need to know what the […]

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Apr 162018

The last task of the day was to adapt our template that we have been using to trim the top of our cement boards on our walls so we can trim the five remaining inside corners. It was a bit fiddly as any inside corners are awkward places to get a ladder into and to […]

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Apr 162018

Today we finished off the task of building two extension tables for our Planer Machine. On Saturday, we had our double thickness OSB boards all set from the gluing and it was sliced down to required size. Then a clearance hole was made in one of these OSB platform for the large knob sticking out […]

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Apr 132018

Today, we settled down to analyse the planer machine to learn what is happening when we try to plane larger pieces of Oak timber and why it is coming out with a slight dip in the middle. We wondered whether the heavier pieces was causing a slight ‘bending’ of the metal platforms that guides the […]

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