Apr 202019

It was a week of lovely dry weather. We started the week¬† by tidying the workshop and completing the making of the Ladder Support stainless steel brackets and setting out strings to get the hip flashing straight (The roofs wobble a bit). We tackled the next job of putting on the metal Mesh Protector over […]

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Mar 162019

For this week’s worth of work, with lots of weather interruptions along the way, we started the actual process of putting up our Slates! Using our new collection of tools and equipment, we projected a line up the roof at right angle from the Fascia to serve as the master reference line to work from. […]

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Mar 112019

Today, following on from Saturday’s work, we designed and built a slate cutting guillotine with supporting stand which has rubbish collection built in. The guillotine sits on top of the box like container and there are standard measured marks to help us repeatedly slice certain slates at various required sizes. The next piece of equipment […]

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Feb 202019

Over the last 10 days or so (with interruptions), we had installed the new Oak timber pieces to form the Guttering for the roof sections I, J and K. We carefully measured each section so the base board overlapped the upright pieces in an even way, getting the angles correct for the outside corners (needing […]

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