Apr 202018

Yesterday and today, we did the job of covering our long skylight running down the whole width and length of our Corridor in our temporary living quarters. Each year, we have to put up a sheet of tarpaulin plastic to cut down on the huge amount of sunlight energy pouring into our home! This year, […]

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Sep 132017

We woke up to the rattle of tremors of storm Agnes passing over and when we looked outside, we discovered a piece, actually quite a long piece of roofing felt lying on the ground just in front of our front door! Where did that come from we thought? So climbing up onto the roof of […]

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May 182016

This morning, we installed our Sun Shield covering over the long corridor. While up there on the roof, we inspected, as we always do each year, the quality and state of the roof felt, and discovered that there were two worn patches right on the edge of the roof of our temporary living quarters. It […]

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Jun 022013

We took the opportunity to put on a new roof covering on our store room this weekend. It was lovely weather and quite calm thus avoiding the problem of 10metres of roofing felt being blown about! We bought 5 new rolls of the cheapest roofing garden felt and 3 tins of glue. but after all […]

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Nov 122011

We have started our move! A steady baggage train from the old place to the new place has been rumbling along, with us carrying boxes full of our personal bits and pieces, bowls, plates, saucepans, fridge/freezer and dishwasher! Shelving units also has been moved. We are slowly sorting out the kitchen in the new place, […]

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Nov 032011
Bedroom Furniture Day 3

Bedroom 2 got its new bed frame assembled. The bed frame was made up of 4 strips of 300mm wide by 2315mm long of the usual 18mm OSB material, sitting (or rather lying!) on three solid legs, each made up of a 1218mm (4feet) cross beam (63mm by 38mm CLS timber). This is supported by […]

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