Dec 072019

After our conclusion of the slates on the roof (the front porch section) on Monday, we finished dismantling of all the remaining platform modules apart from two full height modules that we managed to move inside the house and a further three modules were cut down to provide a new lower working platforms. We then […]

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Jun 262018

After the UK Mail courier driver had smashed our driveway post and ripped a section of our fencing, we managed to find another post, this time a solid concrete post that we had lying around and replaced the wooden one. Then carefully reattached the plastic webbing fence to the new post, pulling tight and trying […]

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May 012018

This afternoon, we moved all the remaining 63mm CLS Timber from its original pallet stack situated near our Loke and put the lot inside the house under a tarpaulin tent cover. We also moved all the untreated 100mm by 50mm regularised timber lengths from the swimming lane and put them together with the rest of […]

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Apr 232018

Today, in the morning, we did some odd jobs that were left over from the weekend, tidied up the workshop, repaired a puncture in one of our tyres for our medium flatbed trolley and service our air pump that provides oxygen to our septic processing unit. In the afternoon, we decided that we would make […]

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Feb 222018

Today, while Shaun is still on light duty as instructed by our nursing team, we have been doing little odd jobs around the site that needed doing. Our temporary (now 9 months old!) tarpaulin cover over the 89mm CLS timber stack needed reinforcing on the wooden struts as the single screw broke in the strong […]

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