Dec 062017

This morning and yesterday, we did some maintenance work on our various structures, to repair leaks in the roof of the garden shed and the temporary plywood storage tent cover. The plywood storage shed got another layer of tarpaulin put over the roof area yesterday, it might not be a perfect solution but it needs […]

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Jul 142017

This afternoon, we did a small job while we had other family commitments to attend to, and enhanced the depth of the existing sump drainage hole in the middle of our concrete floor slab for removing rainwater falling inside our building. We used our SDS drill machine to drill down another inch at the bottom […]

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Jan 102017

We also spent some of the morning tidying up and doing minor servicing tasks around the site. We dismantled the painting tent and framework. We moved the 7 painted steel legs to around the house so each one is nearer to where they will be standing up. We also cleaned out the drainage sump to […]

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Jul 152016
Final Flood Preventive Measures in Place

 We finished off doing our flood preventive measures this morning, by putting more sand along the Loke boundary to block off several point of access for the rain water gushing down the Loke from entering our garden. We also built another Berm across the edge of our driveway to join up against the garden shed […]

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Jul 142016
Constructed a Berm Across Driveway

We resumed our work after our little holiday by constructing a berm to stop the rain water that flows down the Loke from entering our driveway and our house etc. It is basically made using 4 lengths of 2×6 inch timber, slightly buried into the surface in the upright position and then a double line […]

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