Apr 092020

On Thursday, we had noticed that the old roofing felt on the Garden Shed was loose and flapping about and this prompted us to decide that we ought to finish the job we started 6 months ago when we recovered all our temporary building roofs with brand new felt last year (the original felt was […]

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Jun 272018
Courier Driver Comes to Apologise and Provides New Wooden Post

At lunch time today, we had a visit from an unexpected person, the courier driver from UK Mail that had caused the damage to our Fence (see Fence broken by delivery driver) and he was honest and upfront to admit that he did the damage. He didn’t realise that he had done, hence why he […]

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Jun 262018

After the UK Mail courier driver had smashed our driveway post and ripped a section of our fencing, we managed to find another post, this time a solid concrete post that we had lying around and replaced the wooden one. Then carefully reattached the plastic webbing fence to the new post, pulling tight and trying […]

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Nov 302017

Today, while it was snowing outside, we got down to repairing our Bevel Slicing Machine which suffered from a burnt out electric motor. We had ordered another handheld circular saw off the web and it arrived yesterday. but upon inspection, we decided that it wasn’t ideally suited for the job, the construction of the metal […]

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