Aug 212017

Yesterday, the new filter separator module was created using 4 layers of 18mm OSB board with a large circle cut out in a increasing diameter at a sloping angle. Then an inlet 50mm hole was drilled at the tangent of these circular chamber so the air would come in and fly around the circle and […]

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Aug 192017

This afternoon, for something different from rafters, the Vacuum System was taken apart, well half of it was at least. The broken first stage filtration unit. The box was reinforced with edge strips and cross bracing supports. The power of the vacuum is such that when the system is going and someone causes a blockage, […]

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Jun 242017

During the task of cutting the vertical slots into the cement panels on top of the walls, Shaun ruined the router cutter bit on a nail! He didn’t see it in time or rather feel it and remove it with a crow bar and hammer! The cutter bit now has smashed edges! So an hour […]

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Jun 232017

The Bosch router machine suddenly stopped working while cutting the window on the “O” wall of the Great Room. It blew the fuse in the plug back in the garage! We managed to track down the problem to a capacitor which had blown up! We replaced it with a new one (measuring 0.15 microfarads 400 […]

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Jan 262017

As reported in the previous blog the wooden crane leg was damaged, we spent the last hour of the daylight to repairing the damage . About two thirds the way up the leg, is a joint. The accident caused a crack in the smaller 63mm CLS timber that bridges the joint in the larger 89mm […]

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Oct 242016
Overhanging Roof Panel and Felt Repair

 Today, we tackled a bigger problem with the overhanging roof section along the front of the temporary living quarters, especially over our front door! The wooden sheets that makes up the roofing structure has disintegrated in two particular sections. One larger one over the aforementioned front door overhang, and a much smaller section half way […]

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