Jun 282018

This morning, the various steel parts were welded together to form four new adjustable feet, much stronger than before. We can now have confident that our mobile scaffolding will support us safely, while coping with bumping up and down, going through heavy conditions in the areas outside our house, which are mostly sandy soil and […]

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Jun 272018

This afternoon, we needed to replace the threaded rod that are currently employed on our mobile scaffolding tower to allow for adjustment for each wheels to balance and stabilised the tower. The problem we had was the original 20mm diameter rod was bending under the dynamic loading while trying to move the tower in semi […]

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Jun 212018

These last two days have seen the creation of new wooden scaffolding modules, eleven of them in total, each measuring 8feet by 4feet and 2.1metres (7feet) high. We spend half the day yesterday in creating the various parts, ready to be assembled, and we had time to make two modules yesterday. These two were also […]

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Apr 192018

Yesterday and today, the planer machine was serviced, and some repairs were performed. We had been having trouble with the power supply while using the machine and occasionally, we would trip the circuit breakers and a popping sound would be heard. So we took the opportunity to give our planer a good looking over, doing […]

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