Apr 192018

Yesterday and today, the planer machine was serviced, and some repairs were performed. We had been having trouble with the power supply while using the machine and occasionally, we would trip the circuit breakers and a popping sound would be heard. So we took the opportunity to give our planer a good looking over, doing […]

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Apr 162018

Today we finished off the task of building two extension tables for our Planer Machine. On Saturday, we had our double thickness OSB boards all set from the gluing and it was sliced down to required size. Then a clearance hole was made in one of these OSB platform for the large knob sticking out […]

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Apr 132018

Today, we settled down to analyse the planer machine to learn what is happening when we try to plane larger pieces of Oak timber and why it is coming out with a slight dip in the middle. We wondered whether the heavier pieces was causing a slight ‘bending’ of the metal platforms that guides the […]

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Mar 152018

After lunch, we thought it would be a good idea to make another template jig to help with the task of slicing off the tops off the cement boards of the walls that protrudes up between all the rafters around the building. The router machine is guided between the two lines of the plywood support […]

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Oct 142017

This morning, we concluded the creation of the new Bevel Slicing machine with the addition of of a G-clamp to anchor the required angle for the bevel. Then we created a much simpler guide template that fits over the end of a rafter and provide both a starting platform to rest the saw machine and […]

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Aug 292017

After lunch today, we helped out our neighbour by driving our Mini Digger up the Loke and then proceeded to rip and grub out their Hedge fronting the Loke. It was very rewarding for us, especially for the fact that we haven’t used the mini digger for months and months, but the machine started first […]

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Aug 112017

These last two days have seen more work on the new Vacuum System for the workshop. Yesterday saw the electrical wiring, switches and sockets being fitted to the machine module (housing the two motor units). The idea is to have a high current 32Amp lead coming from the utility rail to enter into the box, […]

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Aug 092017

This morning, we finished off the fourth wheel by drilling the holes into the foot plate and bolting the wheel together to the foot. We then shortened down all the fatter metal pipe (this is the support pole that goes up inside the scaffolding leg and bolted down) so we can minimised any extra height […]

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Aug 082017

While we waited for the rain to stop, we rescued the castor wheels from some old tool object which served in the past to help move around the massive steel I-Beams. They were unbolted and set ready for fixing on the scaffolding feet, which we went out at the point the rain was almost stopped […]

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