Today, after we have sliced up all the remaining foam boards yesterday, we proceeded to demission the slicing table, taking off the sabre saw that had been mounted underneath the table (with the blade sticking up through the top) for the last couple of years. We converted this table and extended it original 8foot by 4foot size by adding another 2feet width to the long side, reinforcing the framework, extending and putting in additional legs and then stiffened the whole thing up with bracing structs so that the new working platform is much stronger, safer and also much higher so we can reach comfortably the Skylight.
Skylight work platform,

Skylight work platform,

It has a tactile edge strip all the way around the edge of the 8feet by 6feet platform so our feet can detect when we are getting close to the drop off, especially that the platform is five feet off the ground now! We will need a step ladder to climb on and off it!!
We are using this platform so that we can easily install our double glazing window units, but also, we can build the upper boxing on the back half of the Skylight for the air ventilation, solar panels, the window blinds and lighting units, all inside this box-shaped construction.

By Shaun

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