Feb 202019

Over the last 10 days or so (with interruptions), we had installed the new Oak timber pieces to form the Guttering for the roof sections I, J and K. We carefully measured each section so the base board overlapped the upright pieces in an even way, getting the angles correct for the outside corners (needing […]

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May 232018

Yesterday and today, we have been preparing and starting the process of putting on a fibre glass resin surface on the insides of the Downpipe Channels. Yesterday, we filled in all the right angle joints with filler to make a smooth curved transition so the glass fibre can fit more easily. This morning, we rubbed […]

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May 112018

A short session only for today. We drilled the large 110mm hole in the Downpipe Channel we made yesterday and fitted the plastic pipe into position. Everything was glued and now curing. Tomorrow, we will see how well the rubber has glued together but also we are considering making an mould so we can fold […]

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