May 112018

A short session only for today. We drilled the large 110mm hole in the Downpipe Channel we made yesterday and fitted the plastic pipe into position. Everything was glued and now curing. Tomorrow, we will see how well the rubber has glued together but also we are considering making an mould so we can fold […]

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May 092018

Today, we carried on with the creation of the Downpipe Channels by having a large 110mm diameter hole cut into the base boards at the bottom of the sloping drainage channels. We took some left-over plastic rain water underground pipes and cut them up into about 180mm long pieces so it will stick downwards underneath […]

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May 082018

The last two days have seen the development and creation of the first four Downpipe Channels or chutes. Using our lovely Oak timber we planed last week, we made the base boards with a 44° and 46° angled “arrow” on one end, then took them outside with some straight metal bars (to act for the […]

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Sep 162017

Today was spent on the computers, looking at the guttering, the facia and the windows, to decide on what kind of Oak we will need, what size and how much. The items we are examining are as follows: · Facia: This would be 150mm high and at least 27mm or 40mm thick. · Gutters: These […]

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