Apr 212020

We started the week with the continuing task of cleaning the gutters and fascia. After being exposed to the sun and weather for at least 5 months and in some areas, well over a year they are rather discoloured. We ground off the affected surface using our angle grinder with a 40 grit abrasive wheel and then the orbital sander to smooth it off somewhat. We then oiled the wood to give it the initial coating and we will then come along with our back pack tank with a battery to spray on additional coats every week or so, just a thin layer at a time.

Finished Bringing Gutters Back to Fresh Colours and All Oiled


We did the sanding and oiling using three of our original platform modules that had been cut down so the guttering were at chest height. Occasionally, we had to spread out the platforms to reach both ends of a straight run of guttering in one go and this meant that we had to step over small gaps (about a foot) but fortunately, we had screwed edging strips on all the modules to give us tactile feedback when shuffling along, concentrating on the task, and would know that we had reached an edge.

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