Oct 182017

Today, armed with our new version of the spreadsheet that now calculates everything from the basis of the measured bottom flange, we proceeded to bring in 15 lengths of 89mm CLS timber plus 11 lengths of the 63mm CLS timber. The first job was to cut the scarf joints in 12 of our 89mm CLS […]

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Oct 162017

Our new week started with us making a second saw guide template for doing “right-handed” Bevel slices. Next we serviced the Bevel Slicing Machine and made sure that all the nuts and bolts are tight and locked against vibrations by using thread lock glue (similar to superglue) and also mounted a handy wooden block on […]

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Oct 142017

Just before lunch, we tried out our new Bevel Slicing machine for the first time on the smallest rafter A22 to see how it went. The machine and template performed very well, we are glad to say! We took out this little 1 metre rafter outside to test fit it and it went in not […]

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Oct 122017

Today we got down to assembling all the bits and pieces into nine rafters that form the last sections of roof adjoining the “A” wall. We did three this morning (in two runs) and the remaining six this afternoon (in 3 runs). We used as much of the template as possible to maximise turnaround time. […]

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Oct 112017

We carried on with the preparation task for making the final Ten rafters that makes up the Roof section along the “A” wall. These ten rafters are the in-fill pieces that both goes along the Hip rafter (five for the PA diagonal travelling across the Great Room) and for the valley rafter (five for the […]

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Oct 092017

Today, we started on the next task of creating the rafters that goes up and down the Hip and Valley diagonal beams, with each rafter getting shorter or longer, depending on which direction we are working in. we made a measuring guide tool to help us line up where the first of the shorter rafters […]

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Oct 072017

This morning, we resumed the task of installing the remaining seven rafters in the current batch we have made this week. It has been a week of learning techniques, tricks, adjustments and other time saving methods and use of tools, to get our Second Stage Rafters to be created and installed as quickly as possible. […]

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