Feb 072018

This afternoon, in the middle of our lunch hour (about 1:30pm), the Oak Timber arrived!! There were ten packs in total, in four stacks  on the back of the lorry. Also, on the back of the lorry, was a fork-lift truck which came down two steep ramps off the end! We were lucky that the […]

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Feb 072018

This morning, while we wait for the delivery of our Oak Timber, we got on with the task of cutting angled bevelled ends on the latest batch of rafters we made yesterday. These have quite a sharp angle, very deep, at 53° and almost 100mm deep. Our slicing Saw machine performed very well! And this […]

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Feb 062018

Today and yesterday, we resumed our factory production line to produce the remaining rafters for completing the “P” section of the roof, as well as the first one of the “N” section. It was amusing to see us racking our brains for all the steps of the procedure of making rafters, getting all the tools, […]

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Feb 012018

Before the rain arrived (about 3pm ) we got out there to get up and installed the six rafters we had made way back before Christmas, into the “P” section of the roof. These rafters were simple straight ones coming down from the O Ridge beam to the “P” wall, four of them had full […]

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Jan 312018

This morning, a slight change of plan as the weather has come over wet again, so we got on with the job of cutting the bevel ends on the rafters going into the near corner of the Great Room near the front of the house. There were six in all, 5 were the full size […]

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Jan 202018

As a companion to the report Winter Cold Virus Hits the Workforce!, this blog describes the last two weeks of our building work. so with the background noises of coughing, sniffing, sneezing and talking with croaky voices, we have been analysing the design of our Glazing Framework for the Skylight. We are thinking of reducing […]

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Jan 042018

We finalised and double checked our Oak Timber quantity and got a final quote from the timber merchant today. The major difficulty we have is that the large quantity of the Oak timber, amassing to 6 cubic metres or about 5 tons of timber, needed some means of being off-loaded from the delivery truck and […]

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Dec 212017

We finished off installing the rest of the “H” rafters outside, on quite a balmy day, on the shortest daylight day of the year! Tomorrow, we will try and get some of the “P” rafters up before we have to stop for Christmas. We will see how things go and whether we will do some […]

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