Aug 182018

This blog entry is a summary of our patchy work on our Skylight for the whole week from Monday to Saturday. We had many interruptions to our work with various meetings and other activities that took us away from the construction of our Skylight. Monday We finished sorting out the timber pieces, putting them into […]

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Aug 092018

Yesterday and today, we spent some time sorting out our pile of timber to bring out the 95mm by 45mm treated timber and reorganise the other timber pieces that we are not using straight away and have access to the 63mm CLS timber. We then picked out nine length’s of the 63mm CLS timber that […]

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Aug 022018

We carried on with the preparation task of getting things tidied up and getting things ready for doing the Skylight. We put up the remaining foot-rails on the roof around the Skylight. We then started measuring the “hole” to see what reality is, compared with our drawings. There were variations in the width along the […]

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Jul 312018

At last, we managed to get back out to work on our roof after all the twirling rain showers we had over the last four days – we had nearly 15mm of rain in total! We carried on with covering up the “P” section of the roof, the last little bit left to do, going […]

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