Sep 272017

Over the last three days, we have been measuring, calculating, sorting, adjusting, calibrating and humping all sorts of stuff that are all aimed towards the next stage of creating the Rafters that makes up the majority of the roof structure. We started on the “A” wall and measuring the distances from the wall to the […]

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Sep 202017

And in the afternoon, we finished off slicing all the remaining polystyrene sheets into 250mm wide by 38mm thick strips. The 14 boards were sliced (using our hot-melt wire machine) into five chunks (four of them 250mm wide and the fifth 200mm – the left over) and then pushed all these into the machine flat […]

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Sep 202017

This morning, we finally managed to get out there and get the big heavy O Ridge rafter installed!! We checked to how dry the rafter was and brushed off the dirt that has splashed on from all the rain we had!! It was the usual case of moving the two towers into place and lifting […]

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Sep 162017

Today was spent on the computers, looking at the guttering, the facia and the windows, to decide on what kind of Oak we will need, what size and how much. The items we are examining are as follows: · Facia: This would be 150mm high and at least 27mm or 40mm thick. · Gutters: These […]

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Sep 132017

Today, we tidied up the two sections of the O Ridge rafter by running the power planer along all the edges, the top and bottom edges. This made sure that they were fresh and clean as possible, ready for the gluing and bolting on of the steel strips. Then dragging out half the workshop tools […]

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