Jul 262018

Another day spent on the job of covering the roof with plywood boards, but we are making good progress. We have completed half the “P” section of the roof (in terms of total surface area) and definitely half the “Q” is DONE! A day of other comitements tomorrow but we will resume on Saturday and […]

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Jul 252018

We moved on to doing the next roof section, the “O” steep roof but it was quite small and only needed three boards to complete it. Then it was time to start work on the last major section of the roof, the Great Room “P” roof section. But first, we had to move our mobile […]

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Jul 242018

Under a slightly hazy sky, a lot more wind, temperatures hovering around 28°C hence the blazing Sun wasn’t so harsh, we continued to work on the three roof sections which form the three sides of a rectangle. We got done the bigger area, the ‘M’ and also the ‘N’ section all completed and so, along […]

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Jul 232018

What a blistering hot day! Our Thermometer recorded 28°C today! Under that heat, we continued putting up plywood boards and we got the ‘L’ section completed, almost all of the ‘M’ and we are making progress on the ‘N’ too. We stopped a little early today, about 5:30pm, because of the heat, especially in this […]

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Jul 212018

For another shortened day of work, we started on the “L” and “M” sections of the roof and got the second row fitted. It is very very hot out there in the full blast of the Sun and we are quite glad that we are only working a half day today. We will continue on […]

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Jul 202018

For our half day of work today, we started on the next section of roof, this time it was “K”, and we got it all done! It only needed two more rows of plywood boards and one tiny little “cap” to complete it all, including coping with the steel structural strap going up the middle […]

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Jul 192018

Yesterday and today, we are progressing on covering the roof sections along the back of the building. We finished the first row, using our posh plywood boards (section “M”, “N” and “O”) Then moving back to the beginning, started laying boards up the slope of the “I” and the “J” sections. It was incredibly hot […]

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