Apr 162018

The last task of the day was to adapt our template that we have been using to trim the top of our cement boards on our walls so we can trim the five remaining inside corners. It was a bit fiddly as any inside corners are awkward places to get a ladder into and to […]

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Apr 122018

The task of trimming the tops off the walls in between the rafters continues today and now the majority have been done with only the inside corners left to do (these were more awkward and needed a think to how to do it). All the outside corners were done with little difficulties. Then swopping over […]

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Jun 242017

After finishing off the clearance of the openings this morning, we then switched over to the other router, we tackled the next job of slicing 38mm wide vertical slots at the top of the walls to allow the roof rafters to come through. Using our specially made template (which hooks around a vertical post) to […]

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Jun 242017

This morning, we finished off the task of removing the excess cement boards overlapping the openings. We had another three and half to go to complete  all 15 openings. Again, wearing eye protection, dust mask and safety helmet, went long the front of the building to conclude the slicing the cement sheets away from the […]

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