Jun 242017

After finishing off the clearance of the openings this morning, we then switched over to the other router, we tackled the next job of slicing 38mm wide vertical slots at the top of the walls to allow the roof rafters to come through. Using our specially made template (which hooks around a vertical post) to […]

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Jun 242017

This morning, we finished off the task of removing the excess cement boards overlapping the openings. We had another three and half to go to complete  all 15 openings. Again, wearing eye protection, dust mask and safety helmet, went long the front of the building to conclude the slicing the cement sheets away from the […]

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Jun 162017

This morning and slightly later stopping due to other commitments, we started putting up the third line of cement panels on the External Wall. These panels were the pre-formed sheets with the groove and tongue on the two long edges and these 7 sheets went up on the Front Door extension and also up in […]

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Jun 152017

Today, we went around sticking down the second layer of the top-plate on the wall. It is the 89mm wide timber to sit on the outer post that forms the exterior wall structure. We used the 3D printed glue applicator we made last week and it worked very well! Then after that, we took 20 […]

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