We spent these last four days putting in extra insulation foam boards over the top of all the doors and windows. We needed to do this first because when the vapour barrier plastic membrane goes around the walls, they will go over the doors and windows, and below the windows too. So we put some extra CLS pieces horizontally, aligned to the door’s (and window’s) upper frame and then inserted a slab of OSB board pieces to provide a platform for the insulation to sit on.
The insulation was the standard PU foam boards, three layers of them so it filled from back to the front and high enough to reach the approximate level of the first floor floorboards.

Extra Framework and Insulation Over Doors and Windows


Extra Framework and Insulation Over Doors and Windows


Some of these regions we had to do from the first floor level itself and slide in the foam pieces in like a jigsaw but we managed it. The next job is to put in glass wool in the walls to fill the airspace between the rigid foam boards and outer surface what will be the room’s wall structure itself.

By Shaun

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