We made contact with our Triple Glazing supplier and directed them to our previous blog report. After examining the photos, they decided to send their Sales Director to inspect our three windows in person. The person came on Wednesday and agreed that one of the windows was unacceptable. They were surprised to why their fancy laser scanning machine didn’t pick up these scratches in the first place. Apparently, the equipment costs £120,000!!
The other window was deemed borderline acceptable, the scratch being small enough and faint enough to not be a bother and one has to really concentrate on finding it to notice it. We agreed with that way of looking at the problem. The third window had the scratch on the outside surface of the glass and they pointed out that the scratch could have been caused when we were handling the glass, but, to be fair, they said that they will supply some polishing compound and we can polish out the scratch ourselves. This will also help remove any of the metal splash marks too.
So we bought some quality polishing pads and wheels and when the new replacement glazing unit arrives, we can use the polishing compound on the other windows.

They have phoned us to say they will replace both of the windows with the internal scratches which is very good of them and they will be manufactured the week starting 9th November.
We did have a delivery date of Friday the 14th. We had elected for the Friday so we had time to fine some extra bodies to help lift out the 120kg window and put in the replacement one.
But now with the new COVID-19 Lockdown we don’t know when the delivery might be! (The supplier will store the units until we can install them) Phew!

By Shaun

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