Dec 072017

Today, we entered into the joyous task of assembling the 13 rafters that will see the completion of the “H” section of the roof (the right hand side of the house over the Utility Room, Back door and Bedroom 3). The first run was to put together the four smallest rafters and then a further […]

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Nov 292017

After finishing the preparation work this morning, like filling up the glue dispenser bottle, cutting some more straight noggings as well as eight little “filler” noggings too, then collecting 14 polystyrene foam strips and finally sweeping the whole workshop, we were ready to start assembling the nine rafters in nine separate sessions. And amazingly enough, […]

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Nov 272017

This afternoon (the morning was skipped due to other commitments), we got down to the task of slicing the bevelled ends on all the remaining rafters for the “J” and “L” sections. We managed to do all five “J” rafters and then did three out of the five “L” rafters before our Bevel Slicing Machine […]

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